Descarbonizate is an initiative of Kanan Kab offering all participants of the 6th BMW Foundation World Responsible Leaders Forum the opportunity to mitigate the carbon footprint of their travels.

With the Kanan Kab Carbon Calculator, we estimate the number of trees that should be planted to compensate for CO2 flight emissions from any part of the world, and offer two options of how can this be implemented in reforestation and community development programs in Yucatán Province.

Kanan Kab

About Kanan Kab

Kanan Kab Protección del Mundo A.C. is a non-profit organization that aims to increase, recover and improve green areas in Mérida, Yucatán, through designing and implementing reforestation projects and environmental education programs.

In eight years, it has planted more than 80,000 plants and donated to projects supporting the region’s reforestation, protecting biodiversity, and fighting climate change. Another important part of Kanan Kab's mission is to create awareness about social and environmental topics. Therefore, it promotes a variety of educational programs for the Yucatecan community, especially children in vulnerable situations.

You can choose how to mitigate the carbon footprint of your trip by selecting one of the options below:

Travel Around


Emissions (CO2)


Equivalent To:




Donate to the community development program and reforestation!


Our community's socio-environmental program offers educational workshops for children in vulnerable situations in southern Mérida. If you choose this option, 50% of your donation will be used to support this program and the other part will go towards reforestation during the next reforestation season (June–August 2020).

Donate to the reforestation program!


We will compensate for your emissions by planting trees through our reforestation program in protected natural areas of the State of Yucatán and in different public areas in the city of Mérida during the next reforestation season (June–August 2020).

IMPORTANT: By clicking on the option, you'll be redirected to PayPal to proceed with the payment to Kanan Kab. If you do not have a PayPal Account or in case you prefer to pay using your credit card, PayPal will automatically create an account for you while you are doing the payment process and will send you an email where you can cancel the account or keep it without any charges.